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Corrugation Machines

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  1. oblique type corrugation machine

    We are the leading Manufacturer of Corrugation Machines, Reel Stand, Cutting Machines, Printing Machine, Gluer Machine and much more.
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  2. Corrugated Board Making Plant

    Corrugated Board Making Plant is demanded worldwide in paper industry for the purpose of production of corrugated boards in bulk. This is easy to operate, sturdy structure and has longer performance, as it is featured with high speed steel bearings, drum type heaters, self loading reel stand, on line duplex pasting unit, On line creasing and slitting unit and Heavy duty pull unit. In additions, this Corrugated Board Making Plant comes in several models and dimensions for clients selection. 
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  3. Corrugated box machine

    Corrugated Box Machine is ideal for paper industry where it is employed for creating corrugated box in multiple dimensions, patterns, and designs according to the clients' need. The production speed is 20 to 25mtr/min whereas total weight is 5 ton. It is integrated with S.S. Gum tray, heavy duty motor, Manual loading reel stand, CI made Pressure Roll, S. S. Tubular heaters, etc. There is a Gum circulation unit to keep up the viscosity of gum. Corrugated Box Machine is available in sizes; 32",42",46", 52", 56", 62"‚ 72". 
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  4. Fingerless Single Facer Machine

    Admired for noiseless operation, robust structure, low power consumption and longer working, the Fingerless Single Facer Machine is engineered to be use for providing equally pressed sheets of corrugated papers. Ensures perfectly secure bonding, this is ergonomically designed in 3 sizes of 42", 52" and 62" which are run on horsepower range. This type of machine needs least lubricants for decreasing friction. 
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  5. Oblique Type Corrugating Machine

    Oblique Type Corrugating Machine is known for low maintenance, noise less operations, robust construction. It is equipped with gum circulation unit to maintain viscosity of gum, SS tubular heaters, hydraulic self loading kind solid duty reel stand for handling wide reel diameters, motorized, CI metal based pressure roll, centralized lubricating system along with timer support. This is available in sizes like 32",42", 46", 52", 56", 62" and 72". 
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  6. Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine

    Vertical Type Paper Corrugation Machine is engineered in multiple sizes like 32",42", 46", 52", 56", 62" and 72". Admired for smooth operation, optimum functioning and strong construction, the machine performs at speed of 20 to 25mtr/min. Total weight of the machine is 5 ton which is integrated with S.S. Gum tray, Manual loading reel stand, S. S. Tubular heaters, Gum circulation system, etc. 
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  7. Corrugating Plant

    Corrugating Plant is engineered for producing corrugating sheets in bulk. It is easy to operate due to simple function, and consumes less power while performing due to good fuel efficiency. Comes in different sizes, this is admired in paper industry for constant performance and easy installation. 
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  8. Box Making Machine

    Available in size of 32",42", 46", 52", 56", 62" and 72", the Box Making Machine is energy efficient, easy to operate, give outstanding performance and requires less maintenance, as it is integrated with forged flute roller, pre heaters, S.S. Gum tray, S. S. Tubular heaters, one set of extra adapters, etc. 
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  9. Fully Automatic 5 Layer Plant

    Fully Automatic 5 Layer Plant is highly energy saving, high performance, low maintenance machine. It is well featured with Drum type heaters, Triplex heating unit, Heating cooling and drying chamber, Heavy duty pull unit, Heavy duty cut off unit, On line duplex pasting unit, On line creasing and slitting unit, etc. 
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  10. Cardboard Machinery

    Cardboard Machinery is demanded in paper business for designing corrugated boxes as well as cartons in diversified sizes, designs and shapes. It is safe & easy to use, rugged design and requires minimal maintenance. Owing to noise-less operations and great production capacity, this is highly acclaimed among operators. 
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  11. Double Profile Paper Corrugation Machine

    Available in sizes of 42",52" and 62", the Double Profile Paper Corrugation Machine is engineered especially for designing corrugated sheets of double profile. Easy operation, energy efficiency, low maintenance and unmatched performance are some of exceptional features of the machine. 
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  12. Automatic 3/5/7 Ply Corrugation Machine

    Admired for automatic functioning, strong construction, longer non-interrupted performance and energy efficiency, the Automatic 3/5/7 Ply Corrugation Machine is engineered to make corrugated sheets in 3/5/7 ply. This plant is integrated with Triplex heating system before gluing, 4 nos Drum type heaters, Heavy duty pull unit, 5 nos Self loading reel stand, etc. 
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  13. High Speed Corrugation Machine

    High Speed Corrugation Machine performs at the speed of 30 to 35mtr/ min, as it is engineered with varied parts & components like S. S. Tubular heaters, Flute rolls, Pre Heaters, Graded CI Built Pressure Roll, Jmbo reels, etc. Total weight of the machine is 6.4 ton, upper roll dia-228mm, Center roll dia-247mm and pressure roll dia-280mm. 
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  14. Double Profile Corrugation Machine

    Double Profile Corrugation Machine is an ideal corrugated boxes & sheets designing machine, accessible in sizes of 42", 52" and 62". The speed of the machine is 20 to 25mtr/ min whereas total weight is 12 ton. It is equipped with solid duty high speed en-19 alloy forged flute roller that ensure its tremendous production capacity. 
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  15. Cardboard Box Making Machine

    Cardboard Box Making Machine comes in sizes of 32", 42", 46"‚ 52", 56" and 62" to choose from. Ideal for designing multiple sizes of corrugated boxes in bulk, this works with the production speed of 30 to 35mtr/min. There is a hydraulic self loading extra solid duty reel stand for reeling up to 5 ft in dia. Some features are Motorized, centralized lubricating unit along with timer, one set of extra adapters, S. S. Tubular heaters, etc. 
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  16. Paper Board Making Machine

    Paper Board Making Machine is capable of producing paper board in huge quantities, as it is equipped with 7.5kw power main motor, 7.5 kw power blower motor, 48Cr Mo alloy steel made Flute Rollers, Electrical heating, etc. The available sizes of the machine is 52", 62", and 72". 
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  17. Vertical Paper Corrugating Machine

    Vertical Paper Corrugating Machine is designed in several sizes like 32", 42", 46", 52", 56", 62" and 72". With speed of 20 to 25mtr / min., it produces corrugated paper in bulk. Easy to operate and highly energy efficient, the total weight is 5 ton that includes stainless steel gum tray, manual loading reel stand, excellent performance motor support, etc. 
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  18. Fingerless Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine

    Admired for low power consumption, longer performance, smooth functioning and noiseless operation, Fingerless Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine is ideal to utilize for producing evenly pressed corrugated papers sheets. Ensures absolutely secure bonding, this machine needs less greases for reducing friction. 
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